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We pay special attention to reach every Hungarian consumer, therefore, our products may be found in every corner of Hungary.
Our Group realizes 95% of its business within Hungary, but we are also present through our buyers on the Romanian, Slovak and Czech markets.

The majority of our revenue (80-90%) is realized in our largest and most prominent partners, who comprise of the well-known multinational and domestic supermarket and sweet-wholesale chains (for instance: Tesco, CBA, Auchan, Reál, Metro, Spar and Next Unio). We are proud to state that these partnerships with these companies have been established well over 10 years ago. Just like with our most significant partners, we pay special attention to smaller supermarkets, regional warehouses, individual buyers, whom we wish to meet their expectations with our low prices, stable inventory and flexible customer service support.

We know it is difficult to penetrate the large food retail chains in the Hungarian scene and hence to achieve nationwide availability to one’s products. Acting as exclusive representatives of a number of Hungarian companies, we can significantly lower associated costs by cataloguing their products and take ownership of their products’ distribution. We managed to create long-lasting and fruitful relationships with many Hungarian food manufacturers (Fodorostya, Galla Sweet, Prevail Kft.)


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As a result of our long-term cooperation, your food product can be available for the customers in every region of Hungary.


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We have customer-oriented business policy since foundation. We are distributing food products in from 14 different counties.


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