Our service offering is tailored to our buyers' needs. Our portfolio consists mainly of starting price and generic brand products, but we offer a growing number of name brand products as well. We pride ourselves in our company’s own innovative brand “Globetti”, which we distribute in increasingly high volumes. These products may be found in most Hungarian multinational and domestic food retailer chains.

Our goal is to provide our broadening product portfolio to our existing and new partners. Currently, we offer a wide variety of coffees, teas, sweets, dairy products, energy drinks, canned and seasonal products.

In case you are dealing with food trade and you are interested in any of our products, you are more than welcome to become our buyer.

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As a result of our long-term cooperation, your food product can be available for the customers in every region of Hungary.


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We have customer-oriented business policy since foundation. We are distributing food products in from 14 different counties.


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