Food Distribution

It is Foltin Globe Ltd’s mission to build long-term partnerships both with Hungarian and foreign food manufacturers and helping them in their product distribution in Hungary. Building on our 23 years of experience in the field, we achieve this goal by taking full ownership from our partners in logistics, distribution and sales in Hungarian food retail chains. As a result of our operation, food manufacturers will achieve greater turnover while a wider variety and more affordable food will be accessible to Hungarian customers.

Corporate History

The Foltin Group is currently known as a market leader in food wholesale and logistics in Hungary. The Group’s first enterprise – Foltin Ltd – was incorporated in 1989, then in the beginning, we dealt with food retail and wholesale. The theoretical and practical experience we gained over the years enabled us to continuously broaden the scope of our business. Today, we do not only specialize in food distribution, but offer complete logistics solutions as well.


Quality Assurance

Apart from our commercial, distribution, toll manufacturing, warehousing and logistics activities, to underline our commitment to safe and high quality food, we introduced a new quality assurance checklist, the so-called Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) system. Our goal is to satisfy all of our buyers' needs and therefore gain their trust. The system is run by the HACCP team and we continuously revise the results via internal audits.