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The Foltin Group trades and distributes the products of 14 countries in Hungary: Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Thailand. You can find starting price, generic brand and name brand products in our portfolio.


  • high trade volume
  • high quality
  • affordable prices
  • quality assurance
  • marketing support

Ever since its incorporation, our company is committed to a customer-focused business policy. Hence, our main goal is to satisfy our partners, which is the foundation of long-term partnerships. To achieve this, we pay extra attention to customer care: we endeavor to meet and surpass both of our most important clients’ as well as smaller partners’ expectations.

Our business activities are all built around a customer-focused approach: we accept orders from our partners through all means of communication (phone, fax, e-mail), we hand over the goods locally, or ship it to the client’s premises. The quality of customer service has been guaranteed by ISO quality assurance system as early as 2001 and to further improve that aspect of our activities, the IFS system has also been introduced.

We believe our main strengths are punctuality, reliability and fairness. We keep a client-focused attitude at all times: in terms of distribution, meeting deadlines and that the quality of the ordered goods. In addition to this, we prize punctuality and fairness in business administration as well: from 2010 onwards, the company is using SAP’s ERP system to coordinate our processes and activities.

To meet industry needs, we keep broadening our portfolio: apart from maintaining our existing strategic products, we continuously expand the number of representation of new companies in Hungary. Our goal is to find and offer to our customers which are duly recognized and is worthy of appearing on the Hungarian market, to satisfy the domestic consumers’ needs. In our product development initiative, we welcome our customers’ questions and comments.

We wish to welcome you among our clients.

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As a result of our long-term cooperation, your food product can be available for the customers in every region of Hungary.


Hungarian Food Distributor

Foltin is one of the biggest Hungarian food distributor, having contacts with every Hungarian retailer in every region.

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